PRIN 2019-2022 EN

New Challenges for Applied Ethics

PRIN 2019-2022

The moral impact of scientific and technological advances

Research Project funded by the MIUR


National Coordinator:

Prof.  Mario DE CARO (University of Roma TRE)

Total amount: 419.120,00 euros

Local Units Coordinators:

Prof. Adriano FABRIS (University of Pisa)

Prof. Antonio DA RE (University of Padua)

Prof. Massimo REICHLIN (University Vita-Salute San Raffaele)


The PROJECT OF UNIVERSITY OF PISA studies the way in which ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) and scientific discourse impact social relations in the public sphere, involving new ethical challenges and new risks.

The RESEARCH  will have a double objective. On the one hand, we intend to reflect on how ICTs can support more informed forms of communication and participation in the public sphere. On the other hand, attention is drawn to the threat of a decrease in communication and cooperative skills, which is aggravated by new social phenomena such as the so-called filter bubbles and information eco-chambers. In these cases, individuals are led to strongly and uncritically strengthen their existing beliefs – generating phenomena of political and social polarization.

Specifically, in order to clarify the positive and negative impact of new technologies on the public sphere, particular attention is paid to the question of TRUST in an interdisciplinary point of view- proposing an analysis in the light of the ethical, political, aesthetic and epistemological transformations generated. by the new interpersonal relationships favored by technologies.


Our AIM is to explain the new forms of participation starting from the analysis of the ways in which Science and Technology influence human beliefs and trust.