PRA Ethics Science Democracy

Ethics Science Democracy

PRA 2018-2020

Research Project funded by the University of Pisa


Ethics Science Democracy (2018-2020) is a project funded by the University of Pisa (PRA 2018) devoted to  ICTs (Information and Communications Technology) and the scientific discourse. It explores from a philosophical point of view how to promote a more informed and proactive communication. Increase in information can generate a paradoxical weakening of the human capacity to perform cooperative communication. These phenomena have been explained normatively, in the continental context, as well as empirically, in the Anglo-American approach.

OUR RESEARCH METHODOLOGY keeps together the normative and empirical approaches, taking also into account past discussions on this  issue. Special attention is paid to the question of TRUST. The working group Ethics Science Democracy approaches this notion from an interdisciplinary point of view, with a focus on the political, epistemological, and anthropological transformations in those kinds of interpersonal relationships favored by technologies.

OUR AIM is to explain the new forms of participation starting from the analysis of the ways in which Science and Technology influence human beliefs.

The project is based at the Department of Civilizations and Forms of Knowledge.


Principal Investigator: prof. Adriano Fabris

Total amount: 109.000,00 eruos